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Skatcity is an amateur Basketball League held at Glen Hines Newburgh, New York. It was founded by Desmond Ware, Philip Pennimpede and Jakell Graham. It is owned and ran by Commissioner Desmond Ware. All photos and videos are property of Skatcity.

This site will be used to schedule matches as well as describe players, record statistics and completed match ups. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Skatcity

Ball 2
Bombers (6-1)
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420StaySmacked360NoScopeSquad aka Blazers (4-3)

Eagles (2-5)
Spartans (2-5)
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Swagaliers (2-5)
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Stingrays (5-2)
Satuday, March 8th
Time Matchup
12:30 pm Swagaliers vs. Spartans
1:15 pm Bombers vs. Eagles
2:00 pm Blazers vs. Stingrays
Sunday, March 9th
3:00 pm Bombers vs. Swagaliers
4:00 pm Blazers vs. Spartans
5:00 pm Stingrays vs. Eagles
Saturday, March 15th
12:30 pm Eagles vs. Swagaliers
1:15 pm Blazers vs. Bombers
2:00 pm Spartans vs. Stingrays
Sunday, March 16th
3:00 pm Bombers vs. Spartans
4:00 pm Blazers vs. Eagles
5:00 pm Stingrays vs. Swagaliers

News Mill

Feb 15th
1. Stingrays keep Spartans winless with 45-34 win.
2. Bombers end Blazers streak with 45-35 victory.
3. Eagles topple Swagaliers close, 52-49.
Feb 16th
1. Blazers twenty-one Spartans with 74 to 53 Blowout.
2. Bombers rout Swagaliers 52-49 to finish impressive weekend.
3. Stingrays extend win streak to 3 with 47 -36 victory over the Eagles.




Poll of the Week

The Better Block? Joe or Luke

The Better Block? Joe or Luke

Who's opening weekend block was better?

The poll was created at 23:41 on February 10, 2014, and so far 14 people voted.

Video Highlights

Blazers vs Swagaliers Highlights

Blazers vs Swagaliers Highlights

The Blazers topple the Swagaliers 45 to 37.

Bombers vs Stingrays Highlights

Bombers vs Stingrays Highlights

The Stingrays overcome the Bombers 41 to 39.

Eagles vs Spartans Highlights

Eagles vs Spartans Highlights

The Eagles Dominate the Spartans 58 to 17.



  • You must be invited to the league by one of the commissioners in order to join.
  • Their are a total of 6 teams that will participate.
  • Each team will face each other twice, resulting in a 10 game season for every team.
  • The top four teams will enter the playoffs and play for the Skatcity '14 Championship

New Rules

  • This season, cap-space rules are being implemented to limit talent on each team. Each player is rated from 1 to 5 stars. Every team is limited to 13 stars per 5 players. According to that ratio, every other single player over 5 adds 2 starts to the limit.
  • The schedule will be mandatory, their will be no rescheduling. Find dedicated players, if a team is disqualified that results in a loss for their team.
  • No one day contracts

Pregame Rules

  • Each team must have at least 5 players ready to play.
  • Each player must be previously confirmed as a player for Skatcity.
  • NO WALK ONS or your team will be disqualified.
  • Each player signs their initials on the stat sheet.

In Game Rules

  • The referees will call any in game infractions such as fouls and violations
  • Referees are permitted to call technical fouls, resulting in two free throws for the opposing team.
  • Within the last two minutes of the game, if any team fouls it will result in automatic free throws no matter the type of foul.
  • 5 fouls on any given player will result in a foul out, that player will be removed from the game.
  • 2 technical fouls will result in a foul out, that player will be removed from the game.
  • Any flagrant fouls or obscene behavior will result in an ejection and a suspension.
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